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Making Dental Implants Affordable.

Atlantic Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Centre offers the latest solution in dental implants, which combines many high-end technologies in implant dentistry while incorporating treatment costs affordable for most patients.

In nearly every situation at Atlantic Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Centre, if you have missing teeth or are wearing a denture, we have just the right affordable solution for you. It's just a matter of determining which option meets your need and fits your budget.

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Full Arch Dental Implants

Full Arch 

Starting at


Fee includes:

  • Complete Oral Evaluation
  • Cone-Beam CT Scan
  • Bone Grafting (if needed)
  • 4-6 Implants per Arch
  • Final Zirconia Prosthesis

This cost does not include extractions, anesthesia or IV sedation.


Starting at


Fee includes:

  • Complete Oral Evaluation
  • Cone-Beam CT Scan
  • Bone Grafting (if needed)
  • 2 Implants per Arch
  • Final Implant Supported Overdenture

This cost does not include extractions, anesthesia or IV sedation.

FINANCING: We also offer payment plan options that make implants quite affordable monthly rates. If your credit score is average or even slightly below, we can help you apply online with a third-party financing company, and you’ll receive an instant decision in most cases. This pre-qualifying approach is a “soft” credit check. Some patients tap a friend, family member, or spouse to co-sign with them for financing if they don’t qualify. Other alternative options may also be available to you.

** What is a fixed provisional, and how is that different from the final prosthesis?
Provisional teeth are made of hard industrial plastic. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. On the day of surgery, your provisional teeth are placed on top of the implants and remain in place for 2-4 months, allowing the appropriate amount of time for your jaw bone to adhere to the implants. After your bone securely heals to the implants, you will then receive your final lifetime teeth, usually made of zirconia, Prettau®, or other high-quality material.
Learn more about

Financing Dental Implants

How you can afford
dental implants?

Explaining the value of dental implants
Have you ever purchased a $30,000 car or a vacation? Chances are you didn’t pay for it all at once. You may have put together a payment plan to spread out the total cost or borrowed from savings or an asset like your home.

Most patients finance most or all of the cost of dental implant treatments the same way. Because many life-enhancing procedures like implants are considered “elective,” and many private insurance companies have a maximum amount of dental coverage per year, if you have private insurance, it will likely only cover a small portion of the procedure and some policies may not have any coverage. Furthermore, Newfoundland & Labrador’s Medical Care Program (MCP) and any of the government funded programs (provincial or federal) do not cover the costs of implants”

So, to achieve the smile of your dreams, you may need to consider some of the more common methods used to cover the price of implants.

Fortunately, at Atlantic Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Centre, we offer a payment plan with iFinance Dentalcard and Beautifi which many patients find helpful to finance their treatment. Many patients find this as an affordable solution to pay off their smile over a fixed period. Rates and the term of loan will be based on your credit score. This solution is quick and if you qualify can be determined within as little as 24 hours and if approved the funds will be transferred to our clinic in a matter of days. Others prepay for their treatment for a period of time before having the procedure completed.
Alternative options for affording dental implants
Home Equity Line of Credit.
Many people use this option for home remodels or to fund something life-changing such as medical treatments as a secured line of credit usually provided the lowest interest rate and repayment terms.

Borrow from your TFSA account.
This option has multiple advantages as there are no tax implications by taking the money out of your TFSA and you will have no specified repayment terms or interest payments.

A personal loan from friends or family.
It is important to remember that the cost of your smile is a medical expense. This means that your out-of-pocket expenses that is not covered by any private insurance plan can be claimed on your income tax return.
However, doing nothing also has a substantial cost
The alternative to the financing question is the price of NOT taking action.

Doing nothing will lead to more jawbone loss, leading to loose-fitting removable partials and dentures, and ultimately unstable teeth and difficulty chewing – especially healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and meat.

Excessive jawbone loss may also lead to higher healthcare costs since implant dentistry becomes more challenging to perform.

Finally, there are professional and social costs associated with inaction as well. Studies have shown that missing or bad teeth can negatively affect your pay or even a new job offer. When people are embarrassed by their smiles, they tend to be socially shy and not as happy.

Fortunately, there is a solution at Atlantic Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Centre, and it can happen in as little as a day. Can you really afford to wait? Schedule your office visit today.

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